Check list of documentation. Modelo 100 IRPF

That we need to start preparing your Tax Return

This is the basic information we need to start preparing your Spanish Tax Return for last year. Modelo 100.

Please be sure that you have upload all the information listed in this page. Client’s Area

In case you have received any other income not listed below please contact us. Please, if we already have the documentation for this list from previous years, please do not upload it again.

  1. Complete name and date of birth, taxpayer, spouse and children. Pdf copy of the DNI/NIE not expired..
  2. Current address where you live in Spain, provide if is owned or rented and if so DNI/NIE of the owner.
  3. IBAN number in Spain of taxpayer and spouse.
  4. Last year IRPF tax return if you filed it.
  5. Employment income
    1. Certificate form employer in Spain
    2. W2, indicate if the work was made in Spain or US.
    3. Any other employment income: ie unemployment compensation
  6. Self-employment income
    1. Type of economic activity. Income and expenses.
  7. Interests and dividends
    1. Certificate of income from your bank in Spain. Fiscal data document issue by the bank.
    2. 1099 from US financial institutions.
  8. Property income
    1. Complete address of any property owned (Spain & abroad) and % of ownership.
    2. Date of acquisition and price of acquisition.
    3. Indicate if it is habitual home; rented; second residency/empty.
      1. If rented, we need Income and expenses from the rent.
      2. date of the rental agreement, please indicate if it is long term rent or short term (air b&b and similar)
      3. NIF of the tenant
  9. Capital Gains
    1. Certificate from your bank in Spain or US 1099 including proceeds and cost.
    2. Sale of property:
      1. Date of acquisition and price of acquisition including expenses.
      2. Date of sale and price of sale including expenses.



We would be very pleased to hear from you. Call us or send a message using the contact form. We will answer you promptly.


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